LIFE+ program for the environment and climate action

The LIFE program is the EU program for the environment and climate action with €3.4 billion over the years 2014-2020 for:

  • nature conservation and biodiversity, environment and resource efficiency, environmental governance and information (Environment sub-program, 75% of the budget)
  • climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation, climate governance and information (Climate sub-programme, 25% of the budget)



Eligible applicants: private bodies, public entities and NGOs registered in EU

Activities funded:

  • Traditional projects: development and demonstration of innovative technologies, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of EU policy and law, best practices and solutions, strategies and action plans at a local, regional or national level in the fields of
    • Nature and biodiversity (nature conservation projects in particular in the areas of biodiversity, habitats, and specie)
    • ENVIRONMENT: Environment and resource efficiency (of air, chemicals, green and circular economy, industrial accidents, marine, and coastal management, noise, soil, waste, water, and the urban environment)
    • CLIMATE change mitigation (renewable energies, energy efficiency, farming, land use, and peatland management)
    • CLIMATE change adaptation (resilience to water scarcity, droughts, forest fires or floods, adaptive technologies for economic sectors, and safeguarding natural resources)
    • CLIMATE or ENVIRONMENT governance and information: awareness-raising, training and capacity building, law compliance and enforcement, knowledge development and stakeholder participation.
  • Integrated projects: implementation of plans, strategies or roadmaps primarily in the areas of climate change mitigation and adaptation, at national or regional scales.
  • Preparatory projects: development and implementation of EU environmental policy and law.
  • Technical assistance: support to help applicants prepare integrated projects.

Project size: min 0,5-5 mln EUR, up to 17 mln in case of integrated projects

Funding rate: 55-75 %

Time to grant: ca 15 months from submission of concept notes and 8 months from submission of a full proposal




  • When proposing a technologic project, the solution needs to have a high level of technical and business readiness allowing implementation in close-to-market conditions and bring clear environmental and/or climate benefits
  • Focus on the transferability of the project results to other sectors, regions or countries, beyond the duration of the project.
  • Impact in solving European level environmental and climate challenges

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